Gay Adult Movie World, Sex Workers

Story by Ajda Ender

In the world where muscular, handsome men are used and the male body is turned into a trade, the health rights of gay men are violated.

In world societies where muscular bodies are turning into sex trade, the dangers of physical illness are also advancing.

The adult gay film world is one of the reasons for the unhealthy and hateful view of the world’s societies towards LGBTI.

Gay adult film acting and sex work is a profession, the lives of gay adult film actors and sex workers on the edge of the abyss show violations of human and life rights.

Health is an individual behavior, health is a community behavior, individuals and societies that do not pay attention to their health are doomed to live in diseases.

Gay adult film companies are usurping the health and life rights of the actors in their films.

Gay adult film companies that make films in which their actors have unprotected sex disrespect the bodies, health rights and lives of gay male actors at risk of HIV and AIDS.

The gay adult movie world, where the bodies of muscular, handsome men are used as commerce and the human body is not respected, does not represent LGBTI.

Gay adult movies make LGBTI people’s lives seem premised on sexuality.

Hate behavior towards LGBTI individuals continues as a social pressure in the world’s societies, and people who watch gay adult films think that LGBTI individuals live a life like in gay adult films

It is a hate crime to ignore the social and vital rights of LGBTIs and to try to show that their lives are based only on sexuality.

The way the muscular handsome men in gay adult movies treat each other’s bodies, their unprotected sex, and their lives turn dark after the shooting of the movies, due to HIV, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The dark world in the studios of adult movie gay companies HIV, AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, hidden secrets show that the lights of movie studios are not bright.

Adult film gay companies that do not protect the right to health of actors who have unprotected sex in their films and do not respect the right to health are committing crimes against people’s health and human rights.

It is seen that gay adult movie actors who commit suicide, die suddenly, and whose causes of death are not disclosed, lead lives condemned to despair and unhappiness.

The use of relaxing drugs, unhappiness, depression cause gay men in the adult movie world to be dragged into a stormy life with psychological earthquakes.

The adult gay movie world, which exploits handsome, muscular men for their own ends, finds new handsome muscular men to replace them when gay movie actors fall ill with a contagious disease.

Gang rape scenes show the world that gay men’s bodies are not respected in the adult movie world.

The cruel adult gay movie world is the adult movie world that does not respect the health rights of the actors in their movies, violates health and body rights, violates human rights.

Crimes committed by adult gay movie companies against people’s health rights are legal offences.

Sex workers who do not have social and health rights in world societies have to live under social threats.

Sex workers who are threatened with physical and psychological attacks are at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Since sex workers do not have social and health insurance, their right to life is being usurped.

Adult gay movie acting is a profession.

Adult gay movie actors should be provided with health rights.

Sex work is a profession.

Social and health rights of sex workers should be ensured.

It is a social crime, against human rights, to use violence against people because they are adult gay movie actors or sex workers.

Sex is a bodily need, a natural need.

Sex should be safe and healthy.

Respect for the body is healthy behavior.

Living healthy is a human right, a right to life.

Respect for the body is a human right.

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