Fury As Pretty Actress Says Climate Change Is Lie

This beautiful actress has sparked a row after saying that climate change is a “lie” and stating that if global warming was real it would be because of “nuclear experiments”.

Credit: CEN
Patricia Navidad shared a message claiming the climate change does not exist and is a lie

Pretty 46-year-old star Patricia Navidad, who boasts a strong social media following, made the claim on Twitter where it attracted over 1,200 comments.

She wrote: “The agenda (of) climate change is one of the strongest points to manipulate and is a lie. If it was ‘true’, it is not the ‘fault’ of humans, but due to nuclear experiments, chemicals and their HAARP (US research facility in Alaska) weapon that causes destruction such as earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.”

Many netizens disagreed with the actress’s claims, with ‘AlexRiveiro’ commenting: “Climate change is our fault, there is a lot of evidence showing it. Also, no technology exists that can cause earthquakes or hurricanes.”

Credit: CEN/@patricianavidad
Patricia Navidad is an actress and a singer

‘TaniaTwinkle’ said: “Dear Paty, so beautiful and yet so crazy.”

During the online debate, Navidad returned to answer some of her critics, saying: “We will begin to discover a lot of hidden truths, some within our lifetime, we are living in changing times.

“Revolution in the evolution of our conscious and a spiritual awakening that connects the energy of vibration with the universe’s infinite light. Transformation.”

According to reports, the Mexican star also shared a video featuring over 30,000 scientists who also claim that climate change is a lie.

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