Fireman Fried At Kids Safety Day As He Hits 110KV Wire

This fireman has been electrocuted to death in front of children during a fire safety day when the hydraulic platform of the fire engine struck a high-voltage electricity line.

The tragedy happened when fireman Walter Dressler was taking the kids up in the metal basket located at the end of the hydraulic lift attached to the fire engine with six children aged between six and 11 inside.

Credit: CEN/ ORF
Josef Schwaiger spokesman for Salzburg Zivilschutzverband

The volunteer fireman was also a local politician and DJ, as well as a father himself, and was controlling the movements from the platform when it struck the 110 KV high-voltage cable.

The fireman was killed instantly but all six children had an amazing escape because none of them at the time were holding onto the metal side of the basket with both hands. As a result the electricity earthed through the fire engine and left them unharmed.

But for the experienced fireman, who had both hands on the railings where he was directing the controls there was no hope, as the electricity flowed through his body killing him instantly.

Police confirmed that an investigation for negligent homicide is being carried out against the second fireman who was also present and involved in the demonstration for the children.

Credit: CEN/@oevp.gollinganderSalzach
Walter Dressler

They are investigating whether he could have done anything to prevent the tragedy and he has already made it clear according to local media that the errors were not his responsibility.

A message posted on Facebook by the local Conservative party, in the village of Golling an der Salzach where he was a local councillor, said: “A terrible accident has cost the life of our representative Walter Dressler.

“We are speechless and shocked, and cannot believe it. Walter, you are our friend, and with your unbelievably positive energy inspired us all. You had so many ideas that we planned to implement together. Now only emptiness and grief remains. We have no words of encouragement left for your wife and your son, because the loss of you is so difficult to accept. But we wish them strength to survive the coming days. Also, we miss you. Thank you for the time you spent with us.”

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Story By: Michael LeidigSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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