Female Tiger Making A Meal Of Local Dogs Is Captured And Released In Wildlife Reserve

This is the moment a tigress growls as it is released into the wild miles from human habitats in order to stop it making a meal out of local dogs.

The Amur Tiger Centre said the 10-year-old tigress was released into the wild in honour of International Tiger Day on 29th July.

After a spell of rehabilitation at the centre, the tigress was released in her natural habitat in the south-eastern Russian region of Amur Oblast in a place where she was also a long way away from human habitation.

Credit: @amurtigercenter/Newsflash

The big cat was captured in the district of Khasan in the nearby region of Primorsky Krai in April after a period of preying on villagers’ dogs, according to local media.

Initially, centre experts tried to drive the tigress away from built-up areas, but were unsuccessful in their attempts as it kept returning and attacking local dogs.

As a result, the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources (Rosprirodnadzor) authorised the animal’s capture.

During the tigress’ stay at the rehabilitation centre, experts believe they worked out why she was overly aggressive and mainly hunted dogs.

They said the tiger was under a lot of emotional stress due to the loss of her cubs, most probably down to human involvement.

Sergei Aramilev, general director of the Amur Tiger Centre, said, “At the moment, we have eased the tiger’s stress and she now has freedom. I am sure she still has the chance to give birth to offspring.”

During the tiger’s stay at the centre, human contact was kept to an absolute minimum and the big cat was released after experts monitored her behaviour and hunting skills and decided the time was right.

Before being released, the tigress was tranquilised and examined by veterinarians. The animal was then fitted with a GPS collar so centre workers can monitor her developments in her new home.

The video shows the moment the cage is opened and the tigress runs into the forest, growling.

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Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: James King, Agency:  Newsflash

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