Stray Dog Found With Metal Clip Pierced Through Face

This poor stray dog has been found with a large metal clip ‘pierced’ through its face.

The dog was found in the village of Sadoyi near the western Russian city of Chelyabinsk before being handed over to representatives of the animal rights NGO ‘Gumanniy Otlov Sobak I Koshek’.

Volunteer Vladimir Shylenko said the poor pooch would not let anyone go near it at first and had to be tranquilised.

He told local media: “We had to shoot it with a number of tranquiliser darts.”

Credit: CEN/@trevogznie_novosti
Sadists put a carabiner through a dog’s eyelid

The dog was also anesthetised when vets had to remove the metal clip from near its eye, according to reports.

However, the poor stray is currently recovering from its ordeal and NGO volunteers said that they have already found the canine a home with a loving family for when it is fit enough to leave the shelter.

Shylenko said: “When all the treatment is over, we hope the dog calms down a bit and learns how to trust people again.”

Netizen ‘Aleksey Goncharov’ said: “B*stards. How dare they do something like this to an innocent dog.”

‘Alik Alimov’ commented: “Whoever decided to adopt this dog deserves a lot of respect.”

Credit: CEN/@trevogznie_novosti
Sadists put a carabiner through a dog’s eyelid

‘Evgeniy Pitsyk’ wrote: “I truly hope the person who did that to the poor pooch gets jailed.”

It is currently unclear whether the animal was blinded in one eye by the incident, and whether the local authorities are investigating the matter.

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Story By:  Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorAlex Cope, Agency: Central European News

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