Russian Fighter Jet Flies Low Through Crimea Canyon

This footage shows a Russian fighter jet flying low through a Crimean canyon in a dangerous manoeuvre as part of new acrobatic military exercises.

The video was shot over Mangup, a historic fortress and mountainous area in Crimea.

Video credit: CEN/@sania_kurdoglo

The pilot flew in an SU-27 family fighter jet to the Mangup plateau from the side of the Grand Canyon formed by the Kokkozka and Belbek rivers, according to local media.

Head of information support for the Black Sea Fleet, Alexei Rulev, explained that the flights in the Crimean mountains form part of new planned training exercise and will continue with ‘simple acrobatics’ for a month.

Russian pilots conduct unique training flights in the canyons of the Crimean mountains

“In accordance with the pilot training course and training plan for the 2019 academic year, pilots practice flights with elements of simple aerobatics in mountainous terrain. Classes will continue for a month,” he said.

Many netizens were impressed by the footage with some saying it is the first time they had seen such stunts.

Pic shows: Russian pilots conduct unique training flights in the canyons of the Crimean mountains

One netizen ‘sania_kurdoglo’, who filmed the footage, said: “For the first time, I see that drying manoeuvres in the mountains like this,”

The 38th Fighter Aviation Regiment of the Russian Air Force was formed in August 2014 and is based at Belbek Airport in Sevastopol.

It includes twenty-seven Su-27 fighter jets and five Su-30M2, two-seat fighter aircraft. The Su-27 fighter jet was first introduced in 1985 as a super-manoeuvrable aircraft designed to compete with the USA’s F-15 fighter jets.

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Story By:  Amelia GuranSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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