Earthquake Survivor Shows Unseen Footage On Anniversary

A man who kept a shocking video of the Mexico earthquake which he described as changing his life forever has posted it online two years after the tragedy which claimed over 300 lives.

The Puebla earthquake struck on the 19th of September 2017 with a magnitude of 7.1 and lasted for 20 seconds with its epicentre just south of the city of Puebla. But it also caused extensive damage in the state of Morelos and the Greater Mexico City area where some 40 buildings collapsed and 370 people died.

Video credit: CEN/Alejandro Vargas

Of the deaths, 228 were in Mexico City where another 6,000 were injured and where this video was shot and kept on the mobile phone of Alejandro Vargas.

On the anniversary of the tragedy, so that people do not forget, he posted video footage of the experience that he and his workmates went through together with a heartfelt message.

CEN/Alejandro Vargas
Moment of the earthquake in new footage revealed recently

He said: “After keeping this video on my mobile phone, I can share it with you. It was a moment that marked my life forever, and I think others too.”

He revealed that the video was recorded on the 15th floor of the building located in the colony centre of Mexico City, and shows people just as the earthquake starts to hit and people attempt to flee the building.

CEN/Alejandro Vargas
Moment of the earthquake in new footage revealed recently

Alejandro said: “In only the few seconds I had, I asked God to take care of mine, and that if it was my moment, I made it clear I was ready to leave. It made me realise how small we are in the face of a situation like that.”

Alejandro added that since that day he tries to enjoy every day “with my crazy things and everything, I value every single moment”.

He also paid tribute with the posting to the dead from that day in September two years ago, and added he hoped that it would help others like him to cope.

CEN/Alejandro Vargas
Moment of the earthquake in new footage revealed recently

The video was seen more than 400,000 times and was shared more than 500 times and received lot of comments, such as ‘Maria de Jesus Trinidad Villalobos’ who said: “In such terrible moments, when we think we are at the end of our lives, that is why we need to be closer to God, if we are leaving, better leave in peace.”

‘Margarita Garcia’ added: “When I see those images what comes to my mind is the whole country cooperating to help, and how the government stole all the millions that arrived from all over the world and even the food and the first aid we ourselves sent from all over Mexico to our countrymen.”

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Story By: Ana LacasaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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