Ukraine Tank Drives Over Rough Terrain With Beer On Gun

This is the moment a Ukrainian tank drives around with a beer apparently resting at the end of its long gun without falling off.

When tanks were first introduced they had to come to a stop before firing in order to prevent the turret moving around and missing the target.

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But modern tanks include a stabiliser which keeps the turret pointing in the same direction and on target regardless of what is happening to the body of the tank.

This technology was demonstrated at its best when the German army wants to show how impressive its Leopard tank was and decided to use beer in a 1986 promotional film showing off how stable the turrets were on their “Leopard 2” tank when driving over rough terrain.

The beer on the tank used as a test of stability

As Germany was known for its beer, they placed a huge jug of beer known as a “Stein” on a small platform fixed to the turret – and then drove over rough ground.

Sure enough, the turret moved so smoothly as the tank travelled along that not a drop of the beer was spilt.

In order to demonstrate that they now have the same technology available, Ukrainian military testing a tank gun stabiliser at the Lviv Armored Plant also applied the beer test.

The beer on the tank used as a test of stability

They put the tank through some impressive manoeuvres, and as can be seen, it appears that not a drop of the beer was lost. It is seen going over tarmac, through a forested area and also performing very fast turns, again with the beer glass remaining perched at the end of the tank’s long gun.

Military engineer Alexey Bobovnikov, who organised the test, said: “Using a jug of beer is the best way to test the tank stabilisers. It is good to see that what we have developed is a match for the best German technology.”

The beer on the tank used as a test of stability

Netizen ‘Andrey Florenko’ commented: “A bewitching sight.”

But ‘Velrntin Melnichiuk, who was more sceptical, added: “The glass is probably properly glued into place.”

Although it was confirmed the tank was made by the military, the engineer did not reveal what type of tank it was.

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