Donkey Abandoned On Island Rescued By Boat

This is the moment a donkey abandoned on an uninhabited island is brought back to shore on a boat where the thirsty creature reportedly guzzled 10 litres of water.

The incident happened when the female donkey was spotted on the small island of Ravan near the island of Kaprije in the Sibenik archipelago in Croatia, alone without food or water.

Video Credit: CEN/@antea.roca

The man who spotted the donkey, who has not been named, went to help the animal when he saw it, telling reporters: “When we landed on the shore, she approached us and we gave her something to drink. She drank over 10 litres of water and due to that, we concluded that nobody had visited her for a long time.

Credit: CEN
The donkey on the island of Ravan

“The island of Ravan is a very small and uninhabited island, without any water and very little vegetation.”

Bernard Roca Kunjka, a tavern owner on the island of Kaprije decided to give shelter to the donkey. He organised transportation and headed to the island of Ravan with a boat. 

He said: “When we came for her, she was terrified. She drank and ate everything we gave her – water, hay, carrots.”

Credit: CEN/@antea.roca
A close-up from the donkey

He gave her the name Mija, because his friend Mijo helped with the rescue effort.

He said: “She will spend the entire summer with us, we will take care of her as long as we are on Kaprije, and then in the autumn the association ‘Tribunjski tovar’ will take over her.”

The video shows the rescued donkey in the boat before she is led onto dry land.

Credit: CEN
The donkey named Mija

Netizen ‘Milo Bozic’ commented: “I am glad that such a loving creature has been rescued. The one who abandoned her should be left the same way, so someone can find him after five-six days.”

While ‘Vili Milikovic’ added: “What kind of demon you have to be to do this to a poor creature!”

And ‘Jadranka Simic’ wrote: “Well done good people.”

It is not clear whether an investigation has been opened.

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Story By: Angjela TrajkovskaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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