Crow In Tree Heard Meowing Like A Cat To Drive A Feline Away From Its Nest

An astonished woman discovered that a cat in a tree was actually a crow pretending to be a cat in order to keep another feline away from its nest.

Dentist Sevgi Dutagaci, 42, heard a cat meow from a tree near her workplace in the district of Mentese in the south-western Turkish province of Mugla on 4th June.

Sevgi went outside thinking that one of the cats they feed at work might be stuck in the tree and was surprised to see that the thing that was meowing like a cat in the tree was a crow.

Credit: Sevgi Dutagaci/Newsflash

Sevgi, who saw the male cat named Behlul, one of the cats she fed, under the tree, started to capture those moments on camera.

In the footage, it is seen that a crow in the tree tried to drive the cat away, first by meowing like a cat, and then by diving into the air towards the cat standing below.

Speaking to Newsflash, Sevgi said, “It was almost evening and I went out to the garden of my workplace to get some air. I heard a noise and I thought the cats were meowing in the tree, but I was shocked to see that the one in the tree was a crow.

“The crow was messing with Behlul, he was diving towards him. I thought there must be a crow’s nest nearby.

“Crow messed with Behlul for a while. Then, when Behlul hid under the cars, the crow gave up. It was a very interesting situation. I’ve never heard a crow make a cat noise before.”

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Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: James King, Agency:  Newsflash

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