Crane Rescues Flood-Swept Sleeping Tourists From River

These pictures shows two tourists being rescued from a river by a crane after a flash flood engulfed the car park spot where they slept and swept them away.

The two German tourists, aged 27 and 26, were sleeping in their Volkswagen van in a car park near a cable car station in Spluegen in the Swiss Canton of Grisons.

Credit: CEN
Flash floods and landslides also caused havoc on the A13 road in Grisons

Due to the heavy rainfall which fell overnight in many parts of Switzerland, rivers started to swell and deadly flash floods hit the area of Grisons.

The otherwise calm stream next to the car park turned into a raging river and soon consumed the soil where the tourists’ van was parked.

Police spokesman Roman Ruegg said: “The water mass nibbled away the parking spot until the entire edge crumbled away.”

At around 6am, the Volkswagen was swept away by the water, waking up the Germans who were trapped inside their van.

Credit: CEN
Flash floods and landslides also caused havoc on the A13 road in Grisons

Firefighters jumped into action to save the two Germans from the dangerous situation.

Fortunately for the frightened occupants, a crane was situated nearby and the operator and team of firefighters managed to create an ad-hoc rescue sling, lifting the German pair out of the vehicle to safety.

Ruegg said: “The men were in shock. They survived the incident unharmed, but suffered from symptoms of hypothermia.”

Credit: CEN
Massive waterfalls from the mountains

According to hotel owner Christina Zinsli, the entire area was battered by torrential rain and flash floods and she even heard about an entire bridge collapsing and being swept away by the rapid waters.

She said: “Many houses had to be evacuated. Some have flooded basements.”

Other Swiss cantons such as Uri also reported incidents of flooding.

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Story By: Koen BerghuisSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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