Circus Bear Attacks Trainer As Crowd Watch Sick Show

This is the moment a fed-up circus bear suddenly attacks a trainer in front of the audience and a colleague then kicks the captured creature repeatedly.

The incident was filmed at a travelling circus in the town of Olonets in the district of Olonetsky located in the north-western Russian republic of Karelia, bordering with Finland.

Video Credit: CEN/Galina Guryeva

In the footage, the huge muzzled bear is seen carting a wheelbarrow around on its hind legs as a circus trainer performs a skit with the animal.

As the performer appears to adjust the bear’s muzzle, the huge animal pounces on him and knocks the unsuspecting man to the ground.

The muzzled bear then appears to go for the man’s jugular as another trainer tries to kick the dangerous animal off his circus colleague.

Meanwhile, audience members scream and some shocked parents lead their children away.

According to reports, the animal was eventually subdued with painful electric shocks and the trainer survived the attack despite suffering injuries from the bear’s claws.

Credit: CEN/Galina Guryeva
Bear attacked a man during a circus performance

The incident has been criticised by residents after the video footage was widely shared.

Locals slammed the organisers for not having a fence to protect the audience from the animals and people have started to boycott upcoming shows, according to reports.

The incident is also being investigated by the local authorities.

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Story By:  Ginger MahotchinaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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