Chinese Navy Launches New Amphibious Assault Ship

This is the moment the Chinese navy launches a huge amphibious assault ship in a show of military strength.

The new Type-075 amphibious warfare ship is the second of its type in the Chinese navy and can carry an array of hovercraft and helicopters on board.

In the video, the 40,000-tonne ship can be seen being floated and manoeuvring out of the flooded Shanghai dry dock where it was being prepared.
Credit: AsiaWire / Yidian

Reports state the ship was launched despite its sister vessel having caught fire just two weeks ago at the dock.

The huge ship was built and launched in months after the first Type-075 was completed in September 2019, reportedly showing that China has mastered “mature technologies” in building the vessels.

Reports state the Chinese navy, the world’s largest, is expected to build several more of the huge ships as Chinese military expert Song Zhongping says the country looks to safeguard territorial integrity and sovereignty, including in Taiwan and in the South China Sea.

Li Jie, a Beijing-based naval expert told local media that amphibious assault ships like the Type-075 are mainly used for helicopter deployment and landing missions on islands and reefs like Taiwan and the islands in the South China Sea.

Li added that the ships can be used in conjunction with aircraft carriers, transporting tanks, armoured vehicles and troops to land as the aircraft carriers focus on aerial domination.

The ships can also be used in anti-terrorism operations along with sea lane protection, disaster relief and humanitarian aid missions.
Credit: AsiaWire / Hanghaijia

The building of the vessel was reportedly unaffected by the coronavirus pandemic and the construction of new vessels is set to go ahead as planned.

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Story By: Alex CopeSub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: AsiaWire Report

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