Trolls Target Pretty Cop For Posting Swimwear Snaps

Social media trolls have accused this beautiful police lieutenant of ‘providing escort services’ simply because of the racy swimwear snaps she likes to share online.

Pretty blonde Anastasia Dolgova is a Russian police lieutenant in the city of Tyumen in the south-western Russian region of Tyumen Oblast.

The curvy cop likes to share innocent snaps of her wearing figure-hugging clothes on social media.

However, the Russian social media group ‘Police Ombudsman’, not associated with the local authorities, claimed that her images were too explicit for a Russian law enforcement officer.

The group posted a series of the cop’s photos on social media and claimed she could be providing escort services.

The incident forced the WPC to take down the images from her own accounts, according to reports.

The group administrator wrote: “I’m addressing this to you, policemen. When you put on your uniform, when you run after a criminal or freeze in a cold patrol car, when you try to explain to your partner why you don’t have a stable work schedule, please remember Anastasia as she will most probably be the one who’ll give you a medal of honour.”

The group added: “Before working for the police, she worked as a Go-Go dancer. She’s a club chick. Wagging tongues say she is providing escort services to her senior ‘patrons’ these days.”

The accusation against the female police lieutenant sparked outrage online.

Netizen ‘Roman Nikitenkov’ commented: “Dear group administrator, why would you accuse a woman of providing escort services based only on the fact that she posts pics in swimsuits and underwear? Do you have specific evidence that she does this? Are all women who post racy snaps supposedly providing escort services?”

Netizen ‘Mikhail Ivanov’ said: “I think they’re decent photos myself. There may be an issue if she posed in a police uniform with her naked bum showing…”

‘Mikhail Ivanov’ wrote: “These kinds of posts just spoil the group. No proof of this nonsense you talk about?”

‘Semen Sochinsky’ remarked: “Why do you mention escort services? Do you have proof? No, you do not!”

‘Andrey Burgalov’ said: “You may invent whatever comes to your mind, but the fact is there is no evidence. This group is sh*t!”

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Story By:  Gheorghi CaraseniSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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