Lost Fluffy Bear Cub Sent Back To Forest To Look For Mum

This is the moment Russian residents come across a cute fluffy bear cub cowering by a wall after losing its mother before the police set it free in the woods to look for its mum.

The cub was found by local residents at a thermo-electric power station in the urban locality of Kamensk in the district of Kabansky located in the southern Russian republic of Buryatia.

In the resident’s footage, the cute cub is seen cowering by a wall as people approach it.

Credit: CEN/Baikal Daily

According to reports, locals said they had seen the cub with its mother in the area before. When they later noticed a female bear on its own apparently looking for its offspring, the police decided to release it.

Cops and residents went to the spot where the adult bear was spotted and set the cub free, as seen in the second clip.

It is unknown whether the cub was ever found by its mother, and many netizens believed the police did the wrong thing.

Social media user ‘Alexey Grigoriev’ said: “The cub will either die of starvation or be eaten by wild dogs.”

Netizen ‘MegaBabyChocolate’ commented: “You are sick! Why didn’t you take it to a shelter to look after? It is so small, it will definitely die on its own.”

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Story By:  Gheorghi CaraseniSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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