Chef Turns Tables On Fraudster By Sending A Cardboard Pizza

A pizza restaurant boss fed up with being cheated by fraudsters got his own back on one would-be scammer by sending them a cardboard Margherita.

The fed-up manager at Colinas do Tocantins, Tocantins State, Brazil, spotted the scam when a customer ordered a pizza by text but transferred just BRL 0.01 (GBP 0.0016).

So instead of sending him the real pizza he’d ordered on Pix, Brazil’s Apple Pay-style app, the chef cut out a cardboard one and sent it to him in a box on 17th January.

The chef told local media: “They call here and try different types of scams. That was one of them.”

Photo shows the conversation after the scammer received the cardboard pizza, undated. The man provided a fake Pix receipt. In Colinas do Tocantins, Brazil in January 2024. (Newsflash)

He explained: “The scammer ordered the pizza and asked for my Pix, said he was going to pay and sent a penny to get my account details, changed the amount, changed the name and sent me a false receipt as if he had made it for the amount of the pizza.”

A screenshot of the chat between the eaterie boss and the crooked client shows how he even had the front to complain that his pizza was late.

The chef replied by texting: “It’s already coming. I’m on my way.”

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After realising the tables had been turned on him, the fraudster messaged back: “Pizza is great, thanks.”

The chef replied with two fist-bump emojis.

He told local media: “The authorities said they can’t do anything. The boys keep doing this so I decided to pay them back.

“I once lost more than BRL 400 (GBP 64) in a single scam.”

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Story By: Thomas Hochwarter, Sub-Editor: Thomas Hochwarter, Agency: Newsflash

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