Bookworm Regrets Buying Cat Book With 136 Pages Of The Word Meow

A Malaysian bookworm is likely to read book descriptions better in the future after regretting his recent purchase of cat novel ‘Meow’ consisting of 136 pages filled with the same single word.

The tragicomic moment was shared online by Twitter user ‘Nabilfikran10’ on 14th November after he bought the book ‘Meow’ by author M.E. Owmeow.

He wrote: “I regret buying this book, now I understand why it was discounted.”

The tweet instantly went viral and has since been shared almost 40,000 times and has accumulated almost 100,000 likes.

The post has since been flooded with outrageous comments regarding the single-word novel.

Netizen ‘Makanejim’ said: “I showed this to the cat in front of my house and it cried after reading one part, really touched his heart.”

The novel is described by online book vendor Book Depository as ‘a novel for cats written from the perspective of a cat’.

On the site, the book summary says: “Only one word can describe the wondrous adventures waiting inside the cover of Meow, it is also the only word you will find inside the cover of meow.”

Apparently, there is a similar book that can be purchased online titled ‘Woof’ by author W.O. Ffwoof.

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Story By: Maja Mishevska, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

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