Potterheads Take To Streets On Motor Broomsticks For Quidditch Match

This is the moment two Harry Potter fans take to the streets on motorised broomsticks, apparently for a pressing Quidditch match against a rival house.

Footage shows Vinicius Sanctus and his associate, Tatiana Gabriella, riding the unorthodox vehicles, which are the brainchild of ‘Potterhead’ Alessandro Russo, who hails from the city of Belo Horizonte in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

Sanctus, 38, is the COO of Nuvem Vassouras and has been involved with the company since the creation of the first prototype which Russo invented with his childhood friend and business partner Henrique Suarez.

Sanctus told Newsflash: “I usually appear in the media because I’m the COO, right-hand man and the only one with the same proficiency on the broom as Ale because we unveiled how to fly it together.”

Credit: Daniel Zarahi/Newsflash

Video footage of Russo and Sanctus on their broomsticks as they weave in and out of traffic on main roads has gone viral earlier this month. However, Sanctus denies this was the broom’s original purpose.

Sanctus told Newsflash: “The invention was made with the aim of playing Quidditch in the closest way possible to the films, and to realise Ale’s childhood dream.”

Sanctus revealed that the broomstick’s creation was a labour of love, but it was not always easy going.

He told Newsflash: “We faced several obstacles, we failed in a Kickstarter campaign due to not having international marketing, we even doubted the functionality of the prototype due to the learning curve and the fact that we had to discover for ourselves how to ride the broom.”

Despite the setbacks, the company managed to turn a mere idea into a finished product in record time. Sanctus told Newsflash: “Ale came up with the idea in January, and the first functional prototype was implemented in June or July.”

As to when the broomstick hits the shelves, Sanctus said “We are already trying to commercialise the product from the beginning, but there are several financial implications that the whole team faces at the moment.

“Through investors Anjos do Brasil, partnerships and sponsorships, we hope to soon be able to market the product and bring Quidditch to life on the brooms.”

Despite potentially making many Harry Potter fans’ dreams come true, Sanctus revealed that his team has further ambitions.

He told Newsflash: “Creating this broom has opened our eyes to how the market works and especially how media exposure works, so I don’t think we’ll stop there if the idea of Quidditch doesn’t have the desired results.”

Sanctus said that the broomsticks’ speeds vary from 20 to 50 kilometres per hour (12 to 31 miles per hour).

The Nuvem Vassouras website can be found at: www.nuvemvassouras.com.br.

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Story By: William McGeeSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

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