Batman Girls Mum Exhausted After Kids First Operation

The mother of the American girl with a ‘Batman’ birthmark on her face has told how she is “really tired” after two months of being her daughter’s sole carer as the kid waited to undergo surgery in Russia.

Her comments come just hours after the youngster underwent her first operation to alter the birth mark.

Luna Tavares Fenner was born in south Florida in the United States with a skin disorder called congenital melanocytic nevus. The condition has left her with a dark birthmark across her face which has seen her dubbed the “Batman” girl in international media.

Credit: CEN/
The mother and the girl with the “Batman mask”

After being told by doctors in America removing the mark would require a series of around 100 high-risk operations using lasers her parents were contacted by a Russian surgeon who had read about the case.

The surgeon works at the Krasnodar specialised clinic for laser photodynamic therapy and offered to perform pioneering treatment on the girl.

She told Central European News (CEN): “Luna is doing great. A lot of new discoveries… trying to walk, to dance, copying everything I do…”

However, she added that the past months have been a difficult experience for her.

Credit: CEN/@svetlana.alexutkina
Batman Girl Has Successful First Op

She added: “I’m really tired of taking care of her for 2 months, all by myself. So we are going home for 2 months and we’ll come back for the next surgeries at the end of January, that will be amazing because I’ll rest and have some time to raise more money for her.”

Speaking about the operation she told CEN: “Actually, there are no scars because the doctor doesn’t do stitches… she will have some mark, maybe a minimum difference of colour, but it’s to soon to know…. it takes months for the skin to recover completely and everything depends of her skin.

“With this kind of of procedure, she didn’t need the expanders, pain medication, more then 4 years of aggressive surgeries, so I’m glad I came.”

In the images, the black birthmark from the girl’s forehead has been removed.

Credit: CEN/@svetlana.alexutkina
Batman Girl Has Successful First Op

Luna’s will reportedly undergo between six and eight operations which will reportedly cost around 25,000 USD (20,228 GBP) each.

The tot will reportedly live with her mother Carol in Russia for the next year-and-a-half and the mum has thanked everyone for their prayers and donations..

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