Bandit Pups Rob Toy Store

Pair of doggy desperados raid a toyshop in a bid to steal a cuddly animal.

The snatch and grab pair were collared on CCTV as they targeted a store in the municipality of Tabatinga, in the Brazillian state of Amazonas.

Picture shows the plush toy that Pacato, a stray dog, attempted to steal, undated.
(Marcos Alexandre Soler/Newsflash)

The footage begins with a little black and white dog and a pal crossing the road and then heading to the toyshop.

The gang leader – a stray nicknamed Pacato by locals – wanders inside with its accomplice on lookout duty outside.

Pacato then checks the coast is clear before grabbing a cuddly toy that is twice his size and dragging it towards the doorway.

Worried that he has been caught he makes a dash for it, but returns to have another go.

Picture shows the culprit, Pacato, a stray dog from Brazil, undated.
(Marcos Alexandre Soler/Newsflash)

When that fails, he and his accomplice run off, abandoning their loot on the doorstep.

Toy store owner, Marcos Alexandre Soler, said a customer told him what had happened but he did not believe it until he checked the store CCTV.

He said: “This is the second time this has happened. There was a dog that caught a smaller toy and ended up taking it away.”

The store owner however did see the funny side and put up a wanted poster with Pacato on it as a joke.

Stray dog, Pacato, drags a plush toy from a store in Tabatinga, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Monday, Sept. 26, 2022. Pacato tried to steal the toy. (Newsflash)

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Story By: Michael LeidigSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Asia Wire Report

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