Zoo Chimp Reunites With Carer After 40 Years

This is the touching moment a chimpanzee tries to touch the hand of a woman who raised it as an infant 40 years ago.

The heartwarming scene, filmed at Wellington Zoo in the New Zealand capital of the same name, was accompanied with the message: “Watch this touching moment between Jessie, our 41-year-old female Chimpanzee and a volunteer that knew her when she was a baby.

“We’re not crying, you’re crying!”

In the video, the unnamed elderly woman, who cared for Jessie when she was an infant, is seen trying to get the chimp’s attention.

Credit: Newsflash/Wellington Zoo

Jessie, the matriarch of the zoo’s population, appears to recognise the woman and the chimp outstretches its hand for her to ‘touch’ through the glass separating them.

Meanwhile, a woman in the background is heard saying “aww” as the pair reconnect.

A zoo spokesperson said: “Jessie came over pretty quickly and it seemed like she knew her.”

According to reports, Jessie, who turns 42 in July, is Wellington Zoo’s oldest chimp.

According to Wellington Zoo, chimpanzees are around six times stronger than humans and are highly intelligent animals.

They are able to learn sign language, recognise themselves in the mirror, and can make and use tools.

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Story By: Lee BullenSub-EditorMichael Leidig,  Agency: Newsflash

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