60 Flamingos Move To New Home With Private Shuttle Service

Numerous flamingos have been relocated from Zurich Zoo to a temporary home as construction begins on a new aviary meant to bring the birds as close to their natural habitat as can be.

The 60 Chilean flamingos were provided with a private shuttle service to facilitate their move, zoo officials said.

Each received a medical check-up before being transported individually from one facility to another using the private shuttle.

Zoo officials have arranged for animal caretakers to accompany each bird as they were moved to their temporary home.

Zurich Zoo, Nicole Schnyder/Clipzilla

Once the new aviary is completed, the flamingos will return to live alongside numerous other endangered species on approximately 11,000 square metres of land.

They are reportedly the last residents to vacate the old Pantanal habitat as construction on the Pantanal Aviary begins.

The future facility, scheduled for completion in 2028, is designed to mimic the original wetlands in South America and will be flooded at regular intervals, just like the natural habitat.

Until then, the Chilean flamingos will reside in a transitional home, a bird meadow adapted to all their needs.

Part of the bird meadow has been sectioned off, the water area redesigned, a ground heating system installed in part to prevent water from freezing in the feeding area during winter, and the stall adapted.

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