1yo Tot Puts Hole In Gut After Gulping 10 Magnetic Balls

These images show the insides of this one-year-old tot who put a hole in his intestines after swallowing 10 separate magnetic balls, also pictured, before they attached to each other in his gut.

When the unnamed toddler’s mother saw her son curled up in agony clutching his tummy, she rushed him round to the Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital in the city of Zibo in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong.

Credit: AsiaWire
The removed magnetic ball circle

Paediatrician Dr Zhang Zhengmao examined the youngster, who was reportedly vomiting by this stage, and was stunned to discover 10 magnetic balls in his stomach, all attached to each other in a perfect circle.

Dr Zhengmao said that his intestines had been perforated and immediately operated on the tot when he discovered four damaged areas.

The operating team successfully removed the magnetic balls.

Dr Zhengmao told local media: “This kind of tiny magnetic ball is quite dangerous for [a] kid because it has strong magnetic power.

Credit: AsiaWire
Two nurses are comforting the boy before surgery

“If a child eats just one ball then he can excrete [it] easily, but usually kids eat several balls which attach in a shape, damaging the stomach and intestines.”

Fortunately, the boy was treated in time and is reportedly recovering from his ordeal.

His mother said: “It was my fault to buy this dangerous toy for him and not notice him eating them.”

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Story By: Buli LiangSub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

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