Gorillas Get To Enjoy Popcorn Festival

This is the moment gorillas get to take part in national popcorn day when the low-fat treat was dropped on their heads at Brookfield Zoo in Brookfield, Illinois.

The footage was taken on national popcorn day which took place on Tuesday with the footage released today to show how the zoo animals enjoyed the festival.

Although it sounds like a modern invention it actually dates back to the 16th century when the Aztecs would use popcorn in their headdresses during ceremonial events, with popcorn still being honoured to this day.

Credit: Lynette Kleisner, Chicago Zoological Society/Newsflash

Local explorers who are fascinated by maize that burst into what looked like a white flower when heated took it to the rest of the world but it remained at the heart of the American identity in particular after it started to become popular in in the 1800s.

It is however also extremely healthy in particular when not mixed with chocolate or caramel and clearly proved a tasty treat for the lowland gorillas at Brookfield zoo.

The zoo is partially closed at the moment which is making things less interesting for the gorillas, and as part of an enrichment program to make sure they don’t get too bored, a popcorn popper was introduced to release the popcorn during the day.

The moment was then shared as part of the organisations “Bringing the Zoo to You” program whereby people can see the animals online.

The zoo noted that because there are no visitors their main source of income has been cut off and added that they welcomed the opportunity to gain donations from anybody which can be done by visiting CZS.org/Donate.

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Story By: James KingSub-EditorJoana Mihajlovska, Agency: Newsflash

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