Woman Turns 112 And Says The Secret Of Longevity Is Joy

A woman who turned 112 has said that the secret of longevity lies in not worrying and staying happy.

Centenarian Meire da Silva, known as Dona Dodo, had a surprise party for her 112th birthday in Lar dos Velhinhos de Maringa retirement home in Maringa, in the Brazilian state of Parana on 10th February.

Meire has been living in the retirement home for 27 years, and she has helped other elderly people who passed by the house, contributing to the unit’s general services.

Irene Malamim, an employee at the home, told local media: “Dodo is a reference in the house. I mean everyone likes her, she is pleasant and likes to take photos. Very smiling and participates in everything.”

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Meire’s speech was impaired in childhood due to an accident and was unable to develop as well as others, according to psychologists.

But besides that, she faced the loss of her parents and that coupled with a lack of literacy could have left her ground down, yet she never lost her ability to smile and be happy, which she now tells everybody as the secret of longevity, according to local media.

Irene added: “She has no family. Then she came to Lar dos Velhinhos, a long-term care home.

Meire da Silva turns 112, undated. She grew up in Maringa, Brazil. (Newsflash)

“She worked here until she couldn’t anymore and today she is looked after by everyone.”

Also said: “Dodo is a very meticulous person. She has her utensils, she doesn’t eat what she doesn’t know.

“She has her own ritual. When she gets up and before eating she prays… She is very devoted to Saint Joseph.”

According to a survey carried out by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), Parana state currently has 1,299 inhabitants over 100 years of age, according to local media.

Local media also said that the expectation of the Brazilian population is 72 years for men and 79 years for women.

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