Was Sinister Black Hole In Sky ET Or Mozzies?

ET moment when a mysterious black ring floating in the sky sparked UFO panic in Argentina.

The sinister circle was recorded in the skies over Tucuman province as it hovered in place, moving slightly from side to side.

As it swayed in the sky, it then began to move towards the person filming it in a forest clearing before the footage suddenly ends.


The clip spread like wildfire over social media, notching up more than 33,000 likes on X, formerly Twitter, since it was shared on 27th February.

Some social media users were convinced it was a UFO. And others believed it was a freak weather pattern or fire.

Others believed it could have been a swarm of mozzies spinning in the sky.

One joked it could be both, saying: “In the form they come, let’s say they are extraterrestrial mosquitoes.”

Another had a different theory, saying: “Those rings could be caused by combustion or fire on the ground… but I don’t know if there was a fire below.”

It is at the time of writing still a mystery what caused the dark ring in the sky.

A ring formation appears in the sky in Tucuman, Argentina, undated. Many people witnessed and gave their version of the mysterious black flying ring. (CEN)

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Story By: Joseph GolderSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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