Dramatic Rescue As Lamb Hangs From Powerline By Its Horns After Transportation Lorry Passed Underneath

A curious lamb had to be rescued after it got stuck hanging off a powerline by its horns as it was being transported on the open back of a tall lorry.

Shocking footage shows the lamb swinging back and forth in mid-air above a street in Ili, in north-western China’s mainly agricultural Xinjiang autonomous territory.

Two men were seen climbing up the back of the trailer to help the animal down after its horns got entangled in the wire as the driver passed underneath.

Other sheep seen standing in the open trailer as the rescue unfolded, barely having dodged a similar fate due to the lorry’s height and the lack of an overhead cover.


The driver, not identified in local media, later said: “The lamb probably got caught when lifting its head.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen something like this. And other people were just watching and laughing.”

The video of the incident went viral almost immediately after being posted on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok, on 4th March, by a witness who filmed it.

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It reached more than 210,000 likes, over 860,000 shares, and nearly 50,000 comments by stunned users.

One user titled ‘To rabbit’ commented: “How did this lamb do it? I can’t even do it.”

Another, titled ‘meteor shower’, wrote: “This lamb figured out the destination and decided it would rather hang itself than be slaughtered.”

And a third one named ‘Zixuan’ added: “I want to know what happened, has the sheep been saved?”

A sheep is hung on a wire after the sheep truck passes past it. In Xinjiang, China, undated. It’s hanging from its horns. (1517488117/AsiaWire)

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Story By: Simona Kitanovska, Sub-Editor: Georgina Jedikovska, Agency: Asia Wire Report

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