Wallaby On The Loose Hops It When Austrian Firefighters Try To Catch It

A wallaby on the loose that has troubled authorities in Austria for more than a week has again escaped fire department crews when they tried to catch it.

The marsupial – a smaller cousin of the kangaroo – was spotted hopping around the town of Alberndorf, in Hollabrunn district in Lower Austria, for days after it fled its owner.

Named ‘Captain’, the witty animal has reportedly evaded capture for more than a week, despite crews from the Jetzelsdorf Volunteer Fire Department getting really close to seizing it on Thursday, 13th April.

Jetzelsdorf Volunteer Fire Department/Newsflash

Video footage shows the moment firemen block the main road near a railway track as they quietly approach the wallaby in order to catch it.

A crew member meanwhile, rushes towards the rest of the team with a net for the capture of the small animal.

But just seconds before he rejoins the team, the animal flees away and crosses the railway tracks, leaving the emptyhanded crews behind.

A spokesperson from the Fire Department told Newsflash: “We got a call from a passer-by that this wallaby was walking along the train tracks in Jetzelsdorf in the direction of the main road.

“In this regard, some comrades were called to a T1 animal rescue operation.

“We blocked access to the main road as best we could without affecting traffic.

“With the help of the owners, we tried to catch the wallaby, but unfortunately, we didn’t succeed.

“Due to the darkness, we had to stop the attempt. The next day it was sighted two towns away.

Image shows the runaway wallaby, undated photo. It was spotted in the town of Alberndorf im Pulkautal, in the district of Hollabrunn in Lower Austria State, Austria. (Newsflash)

“The wallaby […] is currently still on the move and is sighted by several passers-by between Jetzelsdorf and Alberndorf.”

The wallaby’s owner urged the public to contact authorities in case they spot the animal.

He warned people not to try to capture it on their own, as the wallaby is skittish and likely to flee.

This – according to the owner – is the wallaby’s second escape attempt since 2021.

The Fire Department added: “We hope that it will soon arrive safe and sound at its home.”

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Story By: Georgina JadikovskaSub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

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