Viral: Chef Chopping Fish Finds Plastic Comb Inside

This is the viral moment a chef preparing a fish for cooking pulls out plastic including bottle caps and a comb from inside the creature.

The video was recorded by Mexican chef Ricardo Munoz Zurita and posted onto social media where it has been shared by a three-Michelin-star chef who owns a luxury London restaurant.

Video Credit: CEN/@MunozZurita

In the video, Zurita can be seen working with a large fish which he was seemingly gutting. The chef then puts his hand into the fish’s guts and pulls out two bottle caps and other pieces of plastic.

He then pulls out a partially destroyed comb and he posted the video with the message: “Please make people aware of not using plastic and not throwing rubbish into the sea, we are killing our planet, our home.”

Credit: CEN/@MunozZurita
Dabiz Munoz is a popular chef with three Michelin star restaurant in Madrid

Spanish chef David Munoz, who owns the three-Michelin-star DiverXo restaurant in Madrid and the StreetXO restaurant in London’s Mayfair, also shared the video which going viral with over 802,000 views.

In 2017, 348 millions of tons of plastic were produced in the world, of which less than a half was recycled, according to the data from the European Union, Norway and Switzerland.

Netizen ‘paomatus’ said: “We are finishing with the planet, poor fish.”

And ‘mikaelo_1’ added: “I cannot believe it! I was not able to finish the video… clear message that we should all take care of our environment, our energy, shocking.”

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