Whimpering Mum Dog Alerts Kind Driver Who Takes Injured Puppy To Vet

This is the moment a whimpering dog alerts a kindhearted motorist about its injured puppy on the road before the man gets out of his car and takes them both to a local vet.

Yasin Kose, from the city of Aksaray in the central Turkish province of the same name, filmed the rescue and shared the moving footage on social media where he was praised for his kind act.


Kose, who works as a hotel security guard in Aksaray, is a compassionate animal lover who dedicates his spare time to helping stray animals, according to the news site TRT Haber.

He said he was travelling home from Bursa when he noticed a dog on the road that was apparently waiting for someone to help its injured puppy.

As seen in the footage, he stopped in the road and carried the injured puppy to his car while comforting its whimpering mother with kind words.

He says: “What’s wrong, baby? Okay, I will help your puppy.”

After driving to a veterinary clinic, Kose comforted the anxious dog by telling it “your baby is here…don’t be afraid” and encouraging it to put its legs on the operating table to see the vet treating its little offspring.

According to TRT Haber, the puppy did not suffer a major injury and was able to stand after a brief examination.

Kose drove the two dogs back to where he found them and the mother took him to her home where her other puppies were waiting.

He said the mum gratefully licked his hand as if to thank him for assisting her “baby”.

After helping the dogs, Kose said: “They are God’s silent creatures…they sometimes wait for our help. I am very emotional about it, I love them very much.

“I have to go into hospital today and it’s the first time I’ve been away from them, I take care of hundreds of stray animals.

“I sent a friend to the scene yesterday and he said the mother dog came running out when she saw the car.”

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Story By: Lee BullenSub-EditorWilliam McGee,  Agency: Newsflash

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