English Teacher Pummels 2yo Tot Leaving Him In Tears

This is the moment a Canadian English teacher working in a nursery school forcefully beats a two-year-old boy, leaving the helpless tot in floods of tears.

The incident occurred at a nursery in the Kokurakita Ward in the city of Kitakyushu in southern Japan’s Kyushu Region and was recorded by an onlooker.

Video Credit: AsiaWire

In the footage, the teacher, reportedly a Canadian national, can be seen sitting in front of the group of young children and is working with one toddler.

A boy, reportedly two years old at the time, can be lying on the floor and playing with another tot by pulling on their shirt.

The teacher spots the boy on the floor, leans over and smacks him forcefully on the bottom. The youngster begins crying and the teacher says: “Why did you do that? Are you okay?”

Credit: AsiaWire
Previously, the boy was nagging with one of his classmates

Local media report the incident occurred around February or March this year but the video was not posted onto social media until recently. After it emerged online a local resident then called the child care division in the city to report the incident.

The nursery reportedly confirmed the incident had taken place and the Canadian teacher was suspended. Reports state the boy did not suffer any injuries in the incident.

It is unclear if the authorities are investigating the case. The teacher had reportedly worked at the nursery for five years.

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Story By: Alex CopeSub-Editor: Joseph Golder; Agency: Asia Wire Report;

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