US Crest Unearthed At Ancient Turkish Site Sparks Time Travel And Illuminati Rumours

This badge bearing the Great Seal of the USA – that also features on the one-dollar bill alongside a truncated pyramid topped with an all-seeing eye – has been unearthed at a Turkish archaeological site dating back 3,000 years sparking time travel and New World Order rumours.

Experts have been excavating the archaeological site of Zerzevan Castle, which was once used as a military settlement by the Roman Empire, in Diyarbakir Province in south-eastern Turkey, and they unearthed this badge bearing the Great Seal of the United States on it.

Early excavation work in 2014 conducted by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism first revealed the presence of a Mithraic temple. Mithraism was a Roman mystery religion loosely inspired by Iranian Zoroastrianism and which worshipped the god Mithras. Its followers were eventually persecuted and suppressed by Christians and the Roman Empire by the end of the 4th Century AD.

Credit: Newsflash
A badge bearing the design of the Great Seal of the United States was unearthed during the excavations in Zerzevan Castle located in Karabuk, Turkey.

The early dig also uncovered tower defences, various residences, as well as other buildings and numerous artefacts.

And now Dr Aytac Coskun, an expert in classical archaeology who is also a faculty member at Dicle University and the head of the excavation team, has revealed that they found the badge during a recent dig there.

He explained that the badge, which was found at a depth of 125 centimetres (49.25 inches), was first designed in 1782.

He told the local Turkish Anadolu Agency: “Early examples of this type of badge or buttons were used in the US in the 1850s. Since 1902, this badge-like coat of arms has also been used by the US Army. Similar examples were also used in World War I and belong to the general service unit.”

He also discussed the Latin inscription ‘E Pluribus Unum’, which is often found under the Great Seal, saying: “This is the first official slogan of the US. This slogan, which is Latin (the official language of the Roman Empire), means ‘from multiplicity to unity.’ It was used to mean the union of the 13 colonies that make up the US.”

He added: “There is an olive branch in the right claw of the eagle depicted on the badge, on the left is a tightly drawn bundle consisting of 13 arrows. It is known that these symbols represent the power of peace and war.

Credit: Newsflash
The Great Seal which is a principal national symbol of the United States.

“A scroll inscribed ‘E Pluribus Unum’ is seen in the eagle’s beak. The shield, located on the chest of the eagle and representing the states, indicates the unity of the federal government. A bright constellation of 13 stars was used above the eagle’s head.

“The discovery of this badge of copper-zinc alloy at the Zerzevan Fortress is quite interesting and engaging.”

He said it was the first time that something like this had been found in Turkey, adding: “Similar examples have only been found in the US and the UK.

Detailed analyses were performed on the badge. It turned out that post-15th-century technology was used. Also, the analysis showed that the badge remained underground for about 250-300 years, since the 18th century.”

He added: “The USA was founded in 1776, the motif was designed in 1782, the earliest examples were seen in the 1850s, and since 1902 a badge similar to the badge found in Zerzevan has been used.

“Considering the time the badge remained under the ground in Zerzevan Fortress, it is quite surprising that it coincides with the time when the USA was first established, or just before its establishment.”

Zerzevan Castle sits on top of a hill and was a strategic location to dominate the surrounding valley so as to control an ancient trade route that passed through there. It was used as a military settlement by the Romans until Islamic armies conquered the area.

While the location is on a temporary list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, local media outlet Daily Sabah said “the castle hosts the Temple Mithras, still bearing the traces of the rituals of the religion of Mithraism. According to some conspiracy theories, some members of famous US families visited the temple and performed unknown rituals here.”

The discovery has also sparked wild rumours online about time travel and about a secretive New World Order plot.

Credit: Newsflash
The United States one-dollar bill, which has The Great Seal, a principal national symbol of the United States.

A netizen going by the name ‘Sevgi00_’ speculated: “Maybe those who put the badge there sent a message to someone or to the future, so those who have the secrets they hid can understand, maybe those secrets were transferred to certain families, who knows.”

While ‘KranBingl10’ said: “Symbols are decisive and explanatory. It has meaning and significance. If the symbol appeared in Zerzevan, it means that the New World Order will be established in Mesopotamia, and Adam was created in this land by God and lived for 1,000 years. We need to understand the significance of the event.”

‘Arifalpaydn2’ added: “There are those who travel in time.”

While ‘Celen_yalc’ said: “It means that those who founded America are the children of the original owners of this badge. The simplest answer with the most straightforward logic.”

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‘Gormemisin oglu’ wrote: “It is quite normal since the United States was founded by the owners of ancient Egypt and later the Romans. [American] men are already showing off the symbols of their families, and they don’t shy away from it. Do you think that the great pharaoh and the original Egyptian people were submerged and completely destroyed?”

The New World Order conspiracy theory features the Great Seal of the United States as well as the one dollar bill as core components of its thesis, which argues that a secretive and powerful elite rules the world behind the scenes. This supposed cabal is speculated to operate via numerous organisations that it uses as a front.

The conspiracy theory also includes elements of occultism and ideas from the New Age movement, and it appears to have only grown in popularity over time, despite core aspects of it being regularly debunked by academics.

It has invariably involved speculation about Freemasonry, the ‘illuminati’, and even the Antichrist or aliens. Variants of it have grown very popular in recent years, most notably thanks to themes such as mass surveillance, population control and mind control being gradually woven into the narrative.

Credit: Newsflash
The excavation area in Zerzevan Castle where a badge bearing the design of the Great Seal of the United States was unearthed in Karabuk, Turkey.

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