Unforgettable Moment Missouri Zookeeper Introduces Her Human Baby To Orangutan Friend Who Makes Funny Faces At The Newborn

This is the “unforgettable moment” a zookeeper in Missouri introduces her newborn baby to an orangutan pal who promptly makes funny faces at the newborn.

The touching images show a zookeeper named only as “Australasia Team Lead Amy” stopping by with her newborn baby to show the tot to orangutans Jill, 45, and Kalijon, 12, with the older ape making a cute face at the baby as people in the background can be heard reacting with delight.

The younger orangutan appears to show little interest in the baby human at first, but after apparently noticing Jill making faces at it, the younger ape also obliges. Amy and Jill can then seen bumping fists through the glass as the footage ends.

Amy Mohr, Kansas City Zoo/Newsflash

Zookeeper Ellie McMullen. Communications Manager at Kansas City Zoo, which is located in the city of Kansas City, in the southern US state of Missouri, told Newsflash that the orangutans in the video “definitely know the people that take care of them, they even recognize former caretakers who come back to visit the zoo.”

And the zoo has said: “Unforgettable Moment: This weekend, Australasia Team Lead Amy stopped by the orangutan habitat to show 45-year-old Jill and 12-year-old Kalijon her new baby. Jill, who has a biological daughter, surrogate daughter, and grandson residing at the Zoo, was immediately enchanted with Amy’s newest family member.”

Mc Mullen also said: “I definitely feel blessed to have the connection I have with them, but I’m not the only lucky one.

“Jill and Kali are two of the more people-oriented orangutans at the [Kansas City Zoo], they seem to enjoy people watching and they will usually come over to visit people they know.

Kansas City Zoo animal care staff Amy showing her new baby to the orangutans Jill and Kalijon at the Kansas City Zoo in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
(Amy Mohr, Kansas City Zoo/Newsflash)

“And while we can’t know what they are thinking, they are extremely intelligent and intuitive… so I think it’s possible that after watching me go through a pregnancy they could recognize that I was showing them my daughter, especially Jill who has birthed and raised multiple offspring of her own.

“There have been similar moments with previous babies of her caretakers over the years and I’m sure they would be excited to see any future zookeeper babies that might be born that would stop by for a visit. Kansas City has been Jill’s home since 1988.” (sic)

The zoo is currently recruiting teenagers to work there and says on its website: “The Kansas City Zoo VolunTEEN program creates accessible opportunities for young adults to develop sustainable lifestyles and humane perspectives. This comprehensive program promotes the personal and professional development of teenagers and develops teens to become empowered community leaders with experienced workplace values.

We are seeking mature, responsible teens with an aptitude for leadership. Applicants should enjoy working with the public and show interest in animals and conservation. VolunTEENs will lead discussions and demonstrate activities to groups of children and adults, so good communication skills are a must. Enthusiasm, confidence, and a positive attitude are required!” (sic)

Kansas City Zoo animal care staff Amy showing her new baby to the orangutans Jill and Kalijon at the Kansas City Zoo in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
(Amy Mohr, Kansas City Zoo/Newsflash)

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Story By: Joseph GolderSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency: Newsflash

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