Two Brothers Aged 6 And 8 Who Disappeared A Month Ago After Going Into Amazon Rainforest To Hunt Birds Found Alive

Two brothers aged 6 and 8 who disappeared nearly a month ago after going into the Amazon rainforest to hunt birds have been found alive despite being all skin and bones.

Photographs of the children show them looking extremely thin and emaciated.

The two brothers have been named as Gleson Carvalho Ribeiro, 8, and Glaco Carvalho Ribeiro, 6, and they have been found alive after going missing 27 days earlier in the Amazon rainforest, in the municipality of Manicore, which is located in the northern Brazilian state of Amazonas.

Brothers Gleson Carvalho Ribeiro, 8, and Glaco Carvalho Ribeiro, 6, who had been missing for 27 days in the Amazon rainforest, in municipality of Manicore, Brazil, were found on the 15th March. (CEN)

The two brothers disappeared on Friday, 18th February, and they were found on the evening of Tuesday, 15th March, when they were spotted by a man cutting wood in the forest.

They were taken by boat to the local Town Hall and were expected to be transferred by air to the state capital Manaus today (Wednesday, 16th March) after experts passed on health guidelines to doctors in Manicore to ensure their safety.

The Public Security Secretariat reportedly confirmed in a statement that the children could be airlifted to Manaus, if recommended by doctors.

The search for the children had been called off by the local fire and police departments after their efforts were in vain, but indigenous people in the area continued the search.

The two children, who are from the Palmeira indigenous community, had reportedly gone into the forest to hunt for birds, which is reportedly a common practice among local indigenous people.

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Story By: Joseph GolderSub-EditorWilliam McGee, Agency: Central European News

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