TV Star: Greta Thunberg Should Worry About BF Not Planet

A German TV star has caused online outrage after saying climate activist Greta Thunberg should worry about boyfriends and concert tickets instead of trying to save the planet.

She was in Germany to visit the open coal mine in Hambach where once a huge forest stood. She was largely silent as she travelled around the huge quarry and then walked through the forest, later telling local media: “It was so huge, so devastating and it makes me feel a bit sad.”

But despite widespread coverage, one who was not impressed was balding Detlef Steves, 50, a former cook turned TV presenter and reality TV star who made his displeasure at her arrival in the country clear with an online posting. And he has received widespread support from fans along with criticism.

He said that while climate protection was important, it was impossible to take the Swedish environmental campaigner seriously because she was so young.

Credit: CEN/ Facebook Detlef Steves
Detlef Steves, 50

He wrote: “Now I really have had enough. A 16-year-old turns up to weep about the Hambacher Forest?

“She would be better off crying about her boyfriend snogging someone else at a party or about the fact that she might have missed out on tickets for Pink. I mean really, it gets on my nerves. What is she going to do next, walk over water and separate rivers? Just wait and see when a huge tax turns up to meet all these environmental requirements how many people are going to start crying!!!!!!”

He then added in capital letters: “Once more just to be clear, yes to environmental protection, but not from someone that claims to be the new messiah at the age of 16.”

Many people criticised the outburst, including one who wrote: “At least she stands for something”. Another added: “I usually enjoy your pointless rants, but this time you’ve gone too far.”

But many also agreed like, ‘Axel Freisinger’, who wrote: “Detlef, I agree with you completely. Her involvement and her basic thoughts are well meant, but the whole thing has become some sort of self congratulatory exercise with everyone slowly realising that nothing much is happening. It’s all revolving around Greta and not really about any original thoughts or good ideas.”

Another called ‘Noah Kroupis’ wrote: “Deffi, don’t change, you speak from the heart. Don’t let yourself be influenced by the chatterboxes here, many people are behind you.”

The German celebrity has appeared on German versions of reality programs including Let’s Dance, Celebrity Promi Dinner, and has presented programs on house renovation and cooking, and now has his own web show on the video portal Clipfish.

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Story By: Michael LeidigSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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