Huge Godzilla Lizard Tries To Break Into Mans Home

This enormous lizard has been dubbed “Godzilla” after a shocked man found it trying to climb over his gate and into his home.

Long Cherng Yee photographed the monitor lizard crawling up the gate of his home in the state of Johor in southern peninsular Malaysia.

Credit: AsiaWire/@cherngyee.long
Local stray dogs were startled by the sight of the enormous monitor lizard

He shared the pictures on Facebook, joking: “You might have pet dogs at home but I have a small crocodile here!”

Local stray dogs soon caught wind of the reptilian invader – nicknamed ‘Godzilla’ by local media – and ran to the scene to bark at the huge lizard.

Long called out local officials to take the monitor lizard (Varanus) away but, alarmed at the attention, it ran off and was last seen disappearing into a drainage channel.

His photographs made a big impression on online commentators such as ‘Mike Loh’ who commented: “That lizard is so awesome” and ‘Lim Kian Siang’ who added: “What a big one!”

Credit: AsiaWire/@cherngyee.long
Long Cherng Yee takes a selfie with the lizard in the background

Many superstitious viewers thought it might be a sign of good luck and urged Long to buy a lottery ticket, including ‘Yan Yee’ who predicted: “Opportunity is coming” while ‘Eling Chua’ offered: “Let’s make big fortune together.”

And Long clearly favoured this interpretation of the reason for his unusual visitor, replying: “I think the lizard is here to give me money!”

Godzilla is a fictional monster lizard which first appeared in the 1954 Japanese film Godzilla and went onto become a global icon. 

The latest incarnation, Michael Dougherty’s 2019 movie, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, was released at the end of May.

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Story By: Simon Glover, Sub-EditorJoseph Golder,  Agency: Asia Wire Report

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