Toddler Crushed To Death By Tree At German Playground Despite Mother Throwing Herself Over Child To Protect Her

A toddler has died crushed by a tree at a playground in Germany despite the fact her mother tried to use her body to save her child.

The two-year-old girl lost her life, while her mother suffered severe injuries after the oak tree fell on them in the playground in the German city of Augsburg.

According to local media the woman, whose identity was not disclosed, and her two daughters were enjoying the warm weather at a playground in the Oberhausen district when suddenly a tree fell in the direction of the younger child on Sunday on 11th July at 12.30pm.

Credit: Newsflash
The tree that fell and killed nearly two-year-old child in a playground in Augsburg, in July 2021.

The mother then rushed to protect the little one, after which the two of them found themselves covered by the 20-metre-tall (65 ft) tree.

Reportedly, the other daughter, who was aged five, watched her mother and sister laying crushed underneath the tree but was not hit.

Terrified witnesses immediately hurried to help the mother and the two- year-old girl, after which they were both taken to the hospital.

Afrim Isa, 53, who found himself at the site during the accident, said: “We were ten people, we tried to lift the heavy tree and free the blonde girl. But it just didn’t work! We all cried. All I hope is that the little one survives the accident.”

However, the girl succumbed to the injuries a few hours later, and died at the hospital in the evening.

Credit: Newsflash
The tree that fell and killed nearly two-year-old child in a playground in Augsburg, in July 2021.

Dana Ali, 43, who works as a barman in a nearby Italian restaurant said: “I immediately ran over, held the woman’s arm, calmed her down and helped her out from under the tree. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help her daughter. She was too far under the tree. It was awful!”

The Augsburg Criminal Police said they were investigating the case and commissioned an expert to find out the reason why the tree collapsed.

Mayor Eva Weber expressed her deepest condolences to the family and told Newsflash: “It is so incredible and shocking that there are hardly the right words for it. My thoughts are with the family of the child who died and her severely injured mother. We are by your side and we are with you with all the help we can as a city.”

She added: “The city of Augsburg will of course support the investigations of the public prosecutor’s office to clarify the cause of the accident to the best of their ability.”

A police spokesperson told local media that the mother is still recovering from the injuries in the hospital, whilst the five-year-old child and the father were looked after by a crisis intervention team.

Credit: Newsflash
The playground in Augsburg where a tree fell and killed nearly two-year-old child, in July 2021.

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Story By: Georgina JadikovskaSub-Editor: James King, Agency:  Newsflash

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