Man Falls To His Death From Waterfall While Taking A Photo

A young man has died after he fell from the top of a waterfall while taking a photo.

The incident took place at the 30-metre- (98-ft-) tall Macacos Waterfall in the Pico do Marumbi State Park in the Brazilian municipality of Morretes on 11th July.

Vagner Schmidt Alves, aged 27, went to the beauty spot with a group of friends on an organised tour that in total included about 20 people from the nearby city of Curitiba.

His girlfriend, 21-year-old Eduarda Kaoany, explained: “He went out on a hike with his friends and he was the first to go up the hill.

Credit: Newsflash
Vagner Schmidt Alves, a 27-year-old man died when he fell from a 30-metre high waterfall in the Pico do Marumbi State Park, in Parana, Brazil, on 11th July.

“When he got to the top, he climbed atop a rock to take a photo of the view. He then slipped and fell.”

A fireman who happened to also be at the beauty spot came to the young man’s rescue and performed first aid on him.

However, although he was initially alive after the fall, he passed away at the scene.

His body was then taken to the city of Paranagua for a post-mortem.

Vagner worked at a wholesale fresh food market in Curitiba.

His girlfriend said: “He was with me one night and he didn’t return the next day. He’d said he’d be home for lunch, but life can end from one hour to the next.

“It’s a pain I don’t wish on anyone.”

It is unclear if the police are investigating the incident.

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Story By: William McGeeSub-EditorJames King, Agency: Newsflash

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