Stranded Baby Seal Rescued By Police And Wildlife Experts After Repeated Returns To Shore

Policemen attempt to release a stranded baby seal back into the sea as it keeps swimming up to shore.

The spotted seal pup reportedly appeared on the shore of the seaside city of Huludao, in China’s north-eastern Liaoning Province, at about 6:30am on Monday morning, 11th March.

Concerned citizens who discovered the stranded creature alerted the Coastal Patrol Division of the Central Business District in Huludao.

The seal pup was reportedly stuck on the beach opposite the Blue Harbor community along Huludao’s 313 seaside.


Upon receiving the report, police officers Huang Bingquan and Wang Bo promptly arrived at the scene.

The two briefly examined the pup and found that it was uninjured and weighed about 66 lbs.

Phone footage shows them carefully dragging the seal pup back into the water.

However, the pup showed no intention of leaving and swam back to the shore repeatedly.

As more people gathered around, the police were concerned about the seal’s safety and decided to transfer it to the Xingcheng Wildlife Protection Base.

Newborn Seal Pup’s Loving Display With Mum

Staff from the Huludao Fisheries Law Enforcement Team intervened and assured the baby seal would receive further assistance.

The spotted seal, also known as the larga seal, is a species of seal native to the northern Pacific Ocean and adjacent seas.

Recognisable by its distinctive spotted coat, it typically inhabits coastal waters and ice floes.

Police releases a harbor seal that was found stranded on the shore in Huludao, Liaoning, China, undated. The seal swam back to the shore many times, so the police sent it to the Wildlife Conservation Center. (AsiaWire)

Spotted seals are relatively small compared to other seal species, with adults reaching lengths of around 1.5 to 1.8 metres (4.9 to 5.9 feet).

They are known for their playful behaviour and are often observed basking on rocky shores or floating ice.

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Story By: Simona Kitanovska, Sub-Editor: Georgina Jedikovska, Agency: Asia Wire Report

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