Shocking Leaked Footage Inside Horror Slaughterhouse

This shocking leaked footage from inside a Spanish slaughterhouse allegedly shows blood-soaked animals having their throats slit and being dismembered with cleavers while still alive.

According to local media, the animal rights group Equalia has reported the slaughterhouse in El Barranco in the central Spanish province of Avila to the local authorities. 


Video Credit: CEN/Equalia

Reports said that animal activists have presented a detailed report accusing the company Carnes Barbero, which owns the slaughterhouse, of animal abuses.

Shocking imagery from inside the slaughterhouse

Equalia shared the video, secretly filmed between January and March this year, on social media.

The footage shows slaughterhouse workers beating the animals with sticks as well as kicking and hitting them.

Distressing scenes also show cows and sheep appearing to be hacked while still awake and not properly stunned.

Meanwhile, Equalia has launched a campaign asking the authorities to force Spanish abattoirs to have CCTV cameras inside their facilities, which is already mandatory in countries such as England, Scotland and Israel.

Shocking imagery from inside the slaughterhouse

In Spain, there are around 400 slaughterhouses and Equalia wants to see big legislative changes on a nationwide level.

The animal rights group also exposed an abattoir in Segovia several months ago, prompting councillor Juan Carlos Suarez-Quinones called on the Spanish Civil Guard to investigate the unnamed company.

It is currently unclear whether the police are following up on the complaints.

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