Russian Model Tells All About Split With Malaysia Sultan

The gorgeous Russian beauty queen who married a Malaysian Sultan has said that she is “finally able to appreciate the taste of freedom” after splitting with the former ruler.

Russian stunner Oksana Voevodina, 27, who was crowned Miss Moscow 2015, married Sultan Muhammad V in 2018.

He was proclaimed Malaysia’s 15th ruler in December 2016, but just two months later, in January 2017, he resigned becoming the first Malaysian royal to abdicate.

Credit: CEN/@rihanapetra
Oksana Voevodina

Even though their marriage was never officially confirmed, his relationship with the model is most likely the reason for him giving up the throne, according to local media.

According to reports, the Russian beauty converted to Islam, but stories of the model’s past and images of her appearing in skimpy clothes were said to have tarnished the Sultan’s image among conservative Muslims.

Rumours later spread that Voevodina was pregnant and had to escape Malaysia out of fear for her life.

She later told reporters that she had to pawn her 200,000-GBP wedding ring after the Sultan left her when she was four months pregnant.

However, the former ruler’s lawyers said that her claims were “untrue and false” adding that she had been offered “a significant and generous sum of money including, but not limited to, monies to pay for her medical fees and living expenses.”

Credit: CEN/@rihanapetra
Oksana Voevodina

The offer, which included the condition that she had to “preserve and protect His Royal Highness’ privacy”, was reportedly turned down by the Russian model.

Voevodina has since opened up to her 600,000 Instagram followers where she wrote: “Is there a life after divorce? Probably, this is such a big question for many who have faced this problem…

“One year ago I thought that I wouldn’t survive with the baby inside…six months ago I still felt very upset and sick, but I have started to work a lot and made myself very busy, as much as possible, and after a couple of months I became so carried away that I finally appreciated the taste of a freedom. (sic)”

The Russian stunner stressed that she has never felt better: “I have never felt such a pleasure in my life – nobody tells me what I should wear, eat, what time to go to bed – and I am a creative person and I can sit down at the presentation and finish it at 7 in the morning, if I have an inspiration.

“I can live absolutely the way I want, go where I want, bring up my son in the way I like… (sic)”

Credit: CEN/@rihanapetra
Oksana Voevodina and the former king of Malaysia, Muhammad V.

Voevodina concluded: “I think I’m still one of those people whose glass is half full, and now I am full of energy like never before…”

Netizen ‘Wanhasnahwy’ said: “Stay strong, positive, work hard, nothing is impossible. You are a woman who inspires.”

‘Quirkyqwert’ added: “She is encouraging women to have an independent life after divorce….which is a very kind thing to do.”

‘Nadianadeem’ commented: “Such a strong lady.”

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Story By:  Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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