Russian Drives Round World In 3-Wheeled Sports Car

This Russian businessman who has made a solo round-the-world trip in a three-wheeled sports car in just 48 days despite facing a tough time at the hands of US customs agents.

Credit: CEN/@yan_zinger_world_trip
Petersburg businessman Jan Singer made a solitary round-the-world trip in 37 days

Businessman Yan Zinger set off from his hometown St Petersburg in northwestern Russia before heading east on a three-wheeled sports car named Slingshot, which is capable of speeds of up to 220 kph (136 mph) and has a capacity of 173 horsepower.

Zinger set off on June 15th and he crossed Russia before driving through Canada, America and Europe on the three-wheeler. He spent 37 days actually on the road but the whole trip lasted 48 days.

The delay was due to US laws which require the vehicle to be quarantined for three days, as well as due to confusion at customs.

The day before his return to St Petersburg Zinger wrote: “A lot of time has been lost due to American customs, so now I need to rush very fast. So I will move in any weather with minimal stops. So again, all hope for my equipment.”

The driver finished on 2nd August in Lenin Square in St Petersburg after driving over 26,000 kilometres (16,155 miles).

Credit: CEN/@yan_zinger_world_trip
He covered distances on a three-wheeled sports car Slingshot

He wrote after completing his trip: “’I drove 1,000 kilometres to Vladimir absolutely easily – Dyrchik (as I call Slingshot) works without any complaints! However, I think a couple of fines from the traffic cameras will appear to me after all.

“In general, the road to Moscow is rather good. It was a little harder before Vladimir, but then everything was compensated for the moment of meeting with friends ‘helenoleynik’ in that glorious city. As is the wonderful Russian tradition – they served me a lot of dishes, they gave me drink, packed my supplies for the road, hugged me and sent me on my way! Whatever you say, and the Dyrchik eats a lot of fuel – I had to refuel it four times!”

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Story By: Anna GuranSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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