Romanians Plant Trees In Potholes In Barmy Road Protest

This is the moment outraged Romanians plant trees in potholes in the middle of the road to protest the notoriously “deplorable state of the country’s infrastructure”.

The unusual protest took place in the town of Brosteni in the northern Romanian county of Suceava when residents gathered to plant saplings in the huge potholes instead of clubbing together to asphalt the road surface and incurring fines, according to reports.

Video Credit: CEN

One protester said: “Prime Minister Dancila and her infamous party colleagues governing this county’s administration have bogged down the entire country in mud. This is Romania!”

A group of citizens expressed their frustration by planting flowers and trees in potholes

The cheeky demonstrators also decorated some of the trees with the names of politicians with animal-related surnames.

A protester said: “I kindly ask the governors to fix our roads. There is one, Razvan Cuc (his name means ‘cuckoo’ in Romanian), who I think coos like a cuckoo in the government halls all day. But he never rolls up his sleeves for the benefit of the country.

“There is another guy, Gheorghe Flutur (‘Butterfly’), he promised us all kinds of things at election time. When he finally got his feet under the table, he decided to do nothing about the roads.

“He flew away. He is actually a butterfly. Meanwhile, we have been left high and dry, and it seems to be up to use to do something about it.”

Story By: Madalina Spulber, Sub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News


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