Replica Sistine Chapel Created In Mexican Cathedral

This is the impressive replica of the Vatican’s famous Sistine Chapel that has been painted in the atrium of Puebla Cathedral in Mexico.

The replica was commissioned by Puebla Cathedral in the city of Puebla in the central Mexican state of the same name to highlight Catholic culture and art.

Just like Michelangelo’s famous original in the Apostolic Palace in Vatican City, officially consecrated in 1483, the artwork features The Last Judgment and other scenes from the Old and New Testaments.

Credit: CEN
The Sistine chapel in Puebla cathedral

Roberto Romano, Director of the Vatican Museum, told local media during the official opening of the Mexican replica that “it is a great catechism achieved by art which we hope participants and visitors can enjoy and have a real cultural and spiritual experience”.

The Mexican copy also includes information about the creation of the famous original.

Puebla Archbishop Victor Sanchez Espinosa called it a great opportunity for residents to learn about Catholic culture and art.

Credit: CEN
The Sistine chapel in Puebla cathedral

He added: “The architecture, sculptures and paintings, this is the Church’s wealth, which is a spiritual treasure, an artistic treasure built over centuries.”

Puebla Cathedral’s replica will be open to the public on 31st January 2020 although the archbishop announced that 32 children will be baptised there on 12th January.

According to local media, over 180 people worked on the Mexican copy, which consists of more than 5,000 square metres of fabric and 2,700,000 photographs, over a period of 170 days.

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