Puppy Runs Into The Night After Being Turned Into Fireball By Teenagers

This is the moment cruel kids set a puppy on fire and then laugh as it is engulfed in flames and runs away in terror.

The shocking footage was taken at night in the Zarnesti commune, located in south-western Romania’s Buzau county.

The footage shows a small group of children standing around the puppy, which is looking around nervously, but not struggling as they pour a flammable liquid on it, and then try to ignite it with a lighter.

After a few clicks, the liquid ignites setting the puppy and the street on fire and sending the animal which is engulfed in flames running away down the road and into the darkness.

Credit: Newsflash
Children set fire to a dog for their amusement.

One child can be heard laughing, and just as the video closes what appears to be a girl can be heard screaming.

Police have confirmed they have opened a criminal case over animal cruelty and confirm that the person who posted the video on social media was a 13-year-old. They said that two other children were also involved, but their ages were not given.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Ion Marcel Vela, 57, said that the young dog had been found still alive and had been handed over to the animal protection association Kola Kariola, which will take care of it.

Ion Marcel Vela said that the dog was the victim of a terrible crime by the three teenagers and confirmed they had poured highly inflammable acetone on the animal in order to set it on fire.

They had then mistakenly believed that they would receive social media kudos by doing so which is why they shared it online.

He added: ” Following the appearance of the images on the internet, the police officers from Buzau started investigating the event and identified those believed to be involved.”

He confirmed that a criminal case for animal cruelty had been started and added: “Cruelty to animals committed by young people has extremely serious implications for their later behaviour and can quickly become violence against other people.”

The Minister added that in order to tackle a growing problem with animal abuse a specialised task force within the police should be set up to investigate such cases.

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Story By: Sergiu NazaruSub Editor:  Marija StojkoskaAgency: Newsflash

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