Polar Bear Rescued From Circus Dies In Swiss Sanctuary

A huger polar bear rescued from a Serbian circus where he was forced to live in a small rusty cage with no protection from the sun and rain for more than a decade has died after starting a new life at a Swiss sanctuary aged just 14.

The bear named Napa was the first resident of the Arosa Bear Sanctuary in the Swiss canton of Grisons, and he was diagnosed with epilepsy in June this year.

He was treated with medication which improved his condition significantly but on 20 October, Napa suffered another epileptic seizure.

Vets decided he needed an increased dose of medication, however, the bear’s condition only worsened.

Credit: Stiftung Arosa Baren, VIER PFOTEN/Newsflash

After thoroughly examining Napa, veterinarians concluded that further treatments would have an extremely low chance of success and that the bear was clearly suffering.

Napa was put to sleep at the age of only 14 on 4 November.

In the wild, polar bears can live up to 30 years of age although most adults die before reaching 25.

Napa was rescued from the Serbian circus where he was forced to live in the tiny cage after years of legal challenges by activists.

The bear’s rescuers at the animal rights group ‘Four Paws’ said that the abuse probably went on for years.

In 2018, Napa was transferred to the Arosa Bear Sanctuary in Switzerland, where he was treated with care and slowly recovered from his traumatic past.

Credit: Stiftung Arosa Baren, VIER PFOTEN/Newsflash
Napa together with Amelia

Four Paws spokesperson Alexandra Mandoki said: “Napa had a large fanbase due to his friendly nature. Due to his earlier suffering, it is nice for me to know that he had a good time at the beautiful Arosa Bear Sanctuary, even if I would have preferred it to have been for a bit longer.

“We will all miss him very much.”

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Story By: Maja Mishevska, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

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