Patient In COVID Quarantine For 14 Months After Testing Positive 78 Times In A Row

A Turkish leukaemia sufferer has been in COVID-19 quarantine for 14 months after testing positive 78 times without ever receiving a negative result.

Muzaffer Kayasan, 56, a leukaemia patient from the district of Sariyer in the Turkish province of Istanbul, first tested positive for COVID-19 in November 2020.

Kayasan has carried out 78 tests in the last 14 months and received a positive result every time.

Muzaffer Kayasan (56) who lives in Sariyer in Istanbul, Turkey, made 78 Covid tests and all of them were positive. (Newsflash)

He said: “I had a successful bone marrow transplant at an excellent hospital three years ago. Later, I was infected with COVID-19. I have been living with the disease since 2020. My test results are constantly positive.

“When I ask doctors, they say that my immune system is low because I have leukaemia. They have been keeping me alive for 14 months with the drugs they’re giving me. It is very difficult. I have been in quarantine for 14 months.”

He added: “My wife stayed with me for 10 days, but her tests came back negative twice. Later, my son stayed with me, and he was negative as well. I don’t infect anyone, the problem is just with me. Doctors say the virus is still in my body, but I do not have any symptoms.”

Muzaffer Kayasan (56) who lives in Sariyer in Istanbul, Turkey, made 78 Covid tests and all of them were positive. (Newsflash)

Kayasan said the treatment was a challenging process when he first caught the disease, and that he stayed in hospital for nine months. He added: “At the end of nine months, they gave me a 10-day leave and I went home. Then I got worse.

“I was hospitalised again with shortness of breath and other symptoms. They told me I still had the disease. I started getting tested again and again. I was in hospital for five more months. A total of 14 months has passed with COVID-19 so far.”

Stating that he can only see his grandchildren behind a glass door, he said: “My only problem is not being able to touch my loved ones. It’s a complicated thing to explain. I can’t hug my family, I can’t see anyone. My social life is over.”

Despite not being able to have the vaccination due to already having the coronavirus, Kayasan said that everyone should get the jab to protect themselves while they are readily available.

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Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: William McGee, Agency:  Newsflash

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