Over 80 Exotic Animals Rescued From Squalid Conditions In An Illegal South American Hatchery

This is the moment Argentinian cops rescue 80 exotic birds and two tortoises from a makeshift hatchery located in the middle of a city where they were kept in squalid conditions in small metal cages.

Cops from the Special Operations Division of the city police raided the premises located at 1900 Fragata Trinidad street in the Mataderos neighbourhood of Argentina’s capital city Buenos Aires yesterday (8th April).

In a statement obtained by Newsflash from the Buenos Aires police department, they said that officers from the municipal police Environmental Protection Agency found 76 native wild birds, 4 exotic birds and two turtles at the scene.

Credit: Policia de la Ciudad/Newsflash

Authorities found the owner of the hatchery, a 76-year old man, who has not been named at the scene.

The suspect was not detained reportedly due to his old age, but a case has been opened against him for breaking laws related to animal abuse.

The animals were checked by a vet and were all found to be in very poor health due to the conditions that they had been kept in.

Authorities reported that the birds were being bred for commercial purposes and their value exceeded MXN 1,000,000 (EUR 41,820).

All of the animals were transferred to a specialised centre for rescued animals in the city’s ecological reserve.

Credit: Policia de la Ciudad/Newsflash
Police rescued eighty animals that were in overcrowded conditions in an illegal hatchery in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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