Outrage After German Zoo Gives Two Monkeys To Research Institution

German zoo has been criticised after two baboons were handed over to a research centre, with fears that they would be used for experiments.

Augsburg Zoo handed over the two male baboons to the German Primate Center in Goettingen, which is a facility of the Leibniz Institute for Primate Research.

But this decision was strongly criticised by animal rights activists and city officials in Augsburg.

The animal rights organisation Association of Doctors Against Animal Experiments said they suspect that the baboons in Goettingen are used for breeding and that “their offspring are cruelly used for scientifically nonsensical animal experiments in which they are mistreated and ultimately killed.”

Photo shows monkeys in Augsburg Zoo, undated. Two male cloaked baboons were given to a research. (Newsflash)

The organization Peta Germany said that it was “repugnant” that zoos breed animals as crowd-pleasers. And then “regularly dispose of them like soulless objects.”

Augsburg’s environmental advisor Reiner Erben said on Wednesday, 6th December: “The city of Augsburg, as a shareholder, but expects the zoo management to inform them in advance about events that could damage the zoo’s image and to discuss the procedure together.”

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Augsburg Zoo said that the baboons “are not used for animal experiments”.

They added the two baboons in Goettingen would receive “good husbandry with a relaxed environment”.

Environmental officer Reiner Erben said that zoo director Barbara Jantschke is responsible for the zoo’s management. Including the surrender of animals.

But he said a supervisory board will investigate the case and added: “A common policy will also be established with the zoo for the future approach to the surrender of zoo animals.”

Photo shows monkeys in Augsburg Zoo, undated. Two male cloaked baboons were given to a research. (Newsflash)

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