Nigerian Miracle Priest Stuns Crowd Then Admits Hes Fake

This is the moment a Nigerian ‘miracle worker’ priest punches a man in the chest and coaxes another along the floor in a supposed bid to cure them – before later admitting on camera he made it all up.

The alleged miracles were performed in Warri, an oil town in the state of South-South Nigeria by Pastor Melody Adjija where he served as Founder and General Overseer of the Light Way Ministry.

Video Credit: CEN / VNTV

In one video he can be seen moving frantically around the church performing the violent movements in an apparent bid to cast out evil spirit from devotees – as enthralled church-goers watch on. 

However, in another clip he can be seen on camera admitting that he paid poverty-stricken Nigerians to attend the alleged showman ceremonies where he allegedly ‘cured’ healthy devotees.

Video Credit: CEN/@adjija.melody

In the clip he sits alongside an alleged former accomplice who admits to helping the Pastor carry out his allegedly fraudulent cures. 

Credit: CEN
Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu

According to local media, the Pastor has since been arrested by police although it is unclear what charges he may face.

The Pastor claims that he was forced to film the confession by an allegedly corrupt police officer although this claim has not been proven.

Credit: CEN/@adjija.melody
Pastor Melody Adjija at his church service

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Story By: Marija PetrovskaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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